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Tree removal and stump grinding service
Stump Removal

AGRI Tree Experts offers 39 years of experience in professional stump removal and stump grinding in the San Antonio area.  We provide an affordable, easy stump removal service to both residential and commercial clients at low cost.

To remove stumps naturally, our specialized stump grinder equipment and trained operators grind each stump down below ground level.  Getting rid of tree roots and stumps without toxins or poisons. This process encourages new grass and flower growth - to avoid the backyard "bald spot". 

Our stump grinders are powerful and fast, getting rid of tree stumps in a matter of minutes. The best part is, removing tree stumps this way recycles the stump into healthy gardening mulch! See our stump removal video for a better idea of our quick, clean & green process.

Removing a large stump and dead tree from a house.  Arborists in san antonio overseeing the stump's removal and disposal.
Stump Disposal - The Natural Way

 To get rid of your unwanted stump, our commercial stump grinder chips the stump into fresh wood mulch. Instead of disposing of dead tree stumps in a landfill, our eco-friendly stump remover recycles your tree stump - the stump is ground into useful organic mulching material, which is recycled to help other living trees and newly-planted trees thrive.

By hiring AGRI Tree Experts, rest assured your tree stump removal is not only the most affordable in San Antonio, but also completely non-toxic. Our stump remover adds beauty to your yard, our community, protecting our San Antonio aquifers from stump-killer poisons while continuing the natural circle of life..

Our costs for stump grinding are cheap! Inexpensive stump removal and stump grinding in san antonio tx.
Tree stump removal cost (Just the stump)
Stump Grinder FAQ

"I have a very small yard / a small  gate.  I don't think I have room for large stump grinding equipment?"

AGRI Tree Experts have invested in different size stump grinders and offer our professional stump grinding service for ANY size yard in San Antonio & the Hill Country area.  We have several stump removal options at hand.  Agri-Tree can send our large commercial stump grinders to clear stumps from multi-acre lots in development - or use specialized small stump grinders designed to maneuver within small residential yards with small entrance gates.

Call AGRI Tree Experts, we will quickly remove stumps from your residential or commercial property in the San Antonio, Texas area FAST, even in small hard to reach areas using our stump griders - clean, easy and affordable.

"What is a stump grinder?"

A stump grinder is a machine that grinds stumps into chips with a cutter wheel with carbide blades. Hydraulic controls are used to make lateral cuts in the wood to remove the stump below ground level.  The grinder blades are very sharp and move at high speed.  Our stump grinders reduce even the hardest of hardwood stumps like oak or cherry into dust on contact!  

For safety reasons, we only allow our trained and insured Agri Tree Experts to operate this equipment.  We do not rent our stump grinders out. The amount of time required for stump grinding depends on size.  Small stumps can usually be removed in less than half an hour.  Large stump removal require more time but can generally be completed in same-day service. 

Stump Killer / Stump Rotter (our opinion)

We are a green stump removal company - our stump removers are environmentally friendly. AGRI Tree Experts does not simply top your stump, nor do we recommend you use poisonous stump killers or stump rotters in your yard!

Toxic stump killers can poison your landscape, leaving a bald spot for years where nothing grows. Worse, it won't get rid of the stump any faster. Stumps rot according to the hardness of the wood. For example, soft woods like pine will rot faster than the hard wood stump of an oak tree.  Our specialized stump removal equipment, on the other hand, can get rid of a small stump in minutes, and a large stump in an hour.

Cost of tree trimming service. Prices for trim tree and remove tree. Affordable inexpensive tree trimming.

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$75 - $350

Stump Removal Cost

(Estimate) Stump grinding price depends on size/ diameter of stump and other factors.

Stump Grinding Cost Estimate:

The total cost to professionally grind down tree stumps depends on the following factors:

How many stumps do you need removed?
How big across are the stumps?
Do you need tree and stump removal, or just the stump?

Very large stumps or trees that were improperly lopped previously, will require more effort to cut down to size and more time to grind down.  However, $75 - $350 is a reasonable estimate for most clients.

"Beautifying San Antonio One Stump At a Time"

"San Antonio arborist providing professional tree service since 1979."

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