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San Antonio - Tree Care Packages

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►Monthly / Annual 

Affordable Maintenance Packages

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►Tree Planting 

A crew to plant one tree or an entire orchard

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►Fertilization Care

Arborists maintain pH and nutrient balance

Annual/ Monthly Maintenance service

Schedule it! Affordable tree & shrub maintenance, on a recurring monthly, summer/winter (biannual) or yearly schedule, by certified arborists in San Antonio.

AGRI Tree Experts offers affordable monthly, bi-annual or annual tree care packages. Perfect for homeowners, building owners, hotels and other businesses in San Antonio: well-maintained trees add value to your home as well as attract customers.

Low stress? Yes! Let us handle maintaining your trees and shrubs in vibrant health with scheduled, routine visits to prune, shape, trim, fertilize, and inspect.

Agri Tree Expert's scheduled tree service in san Antonio is perfect for: 
- hedges that need to be shaped and pruned every few weeks
- exotic or decorative plants that require watchful tending
- a field of growing fruit trees requiring periodic fertilization,
- a canopy of oaks requiring moss removal, limb removal, pruning and shaping
- bi-annual (winter-summer) pruning of trees and shrubs for maximum growth
- tree care to monitor and contain spread of infectious disease on your property
- routine shrub trimming and cut back
-routine inspection and removal of dead / unstable branches for safety 

Call Agri Tree Experts and ask about our affordable tree & shrub maintenance programs - low cost and low stress. Client satisfaction, quality work and safety are our top priorities. AGRI TREE Experts serves homeowners, commercial property owners and apartment complex managers with low-cost tree service on a regular basis. 

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Tree Planting & Shrub Planting Service in San Antonio

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Looking for a tree planting company in San Antonio?  We will plant one tree, plant your shrubs, plant several trees, plant an orchard, or help you install an entire tree & shrub landscape. 

How to plant a tree! When you want tree planting done professionally, call AGRI-Tree Experts in San Antonio.  Our certified I.S.A. arborists take great care in correctly planting trees and shrubs to grow for a lifetime.

We dig to the correct root depth, which varies by species.  Our crew carefully exposes the roots and makes sure there is proper room and contact with the soil.  If needed, we fertilize the soil or add pH conditioners that will help your tree grow happy and healthy in optimal soil conditions.  

Our crew will come to your home to properly plant a tree, or several trees. 
We plant shrubs, vines, flowering bushes, and hedges as well. 

Need fruit tree planting? Agri Tree Experts can assist in planting heirloom fruit trees, or plant large orchards of fruit trees.  Agri Tree has the equiment and years of experience to help prevent new trees from dying after planting.  We make sure all factors are correct when planting a tree - dig depth, soil looseness, pH, water, shade and sun requirements for the type of tree you wish to grow.

"How much does it cost to have trees and shrubs planted professionally?"

Agri Tree Experts tree & shrub planting services are affordable and local - near you in San Antonio.  The cost to plant trees, hedges, shrubs, rose bushes etc. will depend on how many trees or shrubs you need planted, and what size they are.  Our special digging equipment and crew allows us to get your trees and shrubs installed quick - much faster than if you went outside with a shovel.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how fast and affordable our professional shrub & tree planting services are.  Call today for a free estimate. 

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Guide to Fertilizing - Fertilizer pro service

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Given the variety of soil conditions in the San Antonio and hill country area, as well as the variety of plant species and their preferred soil conditions for optimal growth - it's vital to know what type of fertilizer to use, how much to apply and when to apply.  Did you know too much fertilizer can actually burn a plant's roots?  There are many important aspects to keeping trees healthy.

Are your trees and shrubs looking kind of sad and wilty?  Ask about our fertilization program. Keeping the right nutrients available to plants, trees and shrubs  also offer monthly or annual care packabges for tree & shrub services. The following are Some of our favorite trees to work with include very old Oak Trees (Trees of Antiquity), as well as caring for Heirloom fruit trees & Heirloom roses.

For information about scheduling annual tree & shrub fertilization:

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Cost of tree trimming service. Prices for trim tree and remove tree. Affordable inexpensive tree trimming.

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Ask The Arborist

agri-tree expertS: for  Affordable Pro Tree Care:
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9-1-1 Tree Emergency  Has a large tree fallen on your house? Do you need emergency tree removal? Are dead trees about to collapse? Is a dangerous tree growing into your power lines?  Did rain or floods knock down heavy branches that you can't move?  Call the Agri Tree Experts: (210)826-9868.


Tree Trimming

Expert Tree Trimmers in San Antonio

Tree Removal

Tree Cutting Service and Disposal


Certified ISA Arborist and Tree Doctor

Stump Removal

Small & Large Stumps Chipping Service


Shrub & Tree pruner, pro maintenance

Tree Care

Monthly & Annual Tree Care Packages

Stump Grinder

Our specialized stump removal process

Tree Fertilizer

Deep root fertilizer & deficiency treatment

Service Tree

Tree repair, spraying and felling by tree specialists 

Tree Planting

Tree planting service, Fruit trees, Shrub planting

Shade & Ornamental

Shade preservation, Ornamental tree shaping

Tree Preservation

Cabling, bolting, moss removal and tree branch service