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Tree Removal Service
Tree cutting and tree removal in san antonio Texas.

AGRI Tree Experts offers you 39 years of experience in professional tree removal, tree lopping and high-risk dangerous tree felling in the San Antonio area.  Our tree cutting and stump removal services are fully insured and affordable, AGRI Tree Experts service both residential and commercial clients to remove unwanted trees, dead trees, and dangerous trees.

"When should I remove a tree?"  Common reasons to hire a professional arborist to cut down a tree include:

A tree split from high winds or lightning strikes, and needs to be cut down.
A tree is uprooted from a severe storm. The tree trunk is too heavy to move.
A tree is located too close to a building and threatens its structural integrity.
A tree is has major hollow areas, termites, and the unstable tree causes a possibility of injury or property damage.
A tree is dead or dying, and might crush someone or fall down at any moment.
A tree has grown from seed deposited by a animal or bird and is now encroching on otherwise healthy trees or your home.

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Emergency Tree Service
Emergency tree removal. Urgent tree fell on car! Tree on house went through roof, windstorm Texas damage.

Emergency tree service calls receive top priority. Living in Texas, we've all seen windstorm damage and the aftermath, trees lying in the street, trunk split in half, or tree branches in your yard. But some storm damage is worse. After all, if a tree fell on your home, your car, into the street or onto power lines, it poses a hazard and must be removed professionally. A downed tree is a dangerous tree - whether due to wind storm, flood, or lightning strike. Call 210-826-9868 right now and don't wait!  We are on call in the an Antonio & Hill Country area to handle your emergency tree services - right away.

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Tree & Stump Disposal - The Natural Way
How to cut down a tree and remove the stump. Tree stump removal with trees cut professionally.

AGRI Tree Experts provide professional tree removal service, trained crew and specialized equipment - removing trees in an eco-friendly process.

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs we do.  The trunk and branches of dead trees can weigh over 1000 pounds! Dead trees are often rotted inside and may fall or behave unpredictably during removal. Windstorm damage can invisibly weaken tree branches. Live trees can be twice as heavy due to being water-logged. To complicate matters, these unwanted trees may be situated very close to a house or building.  Tall trees may approach power lines and present an electrocution hazard to our crew during the tree removal process. To remove trees without damaging nearby structures, we have special lifting and control cranes, harnesses and cutting tools to make sure the falling branches don't cause damage to your property or hurt anyone nearby.

Tree removal costs.  Price estimates for tree cutting service, tree services and tree & stumps removing.
Cost of tree trimming service. Prices for trim tree and remove tree. Affordable inexpensive tree trimming.

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Tree Removal Cost 

$300 - $3,000

Tree Removal Cost

Emergency and high-risk tree removals will affect tree removal cost. The price to remove a tree also depends on size/ diameter of stump and other factors.

Tree Lopping & Grinding Cost Estimate:

We provide free estimates in the an Antonio area.  The total cost for cutting down a tree, lopping in sections and then disposing of the tree trunk, branches and stump depends on:

How many trees removed?
How big are the trees?
Do you need tree and stump removal?
Are these
-dangerous tree removals
-dead tree that needs to be removed
-trees removed over houses
- trees near electric lines to cut down?

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Tree Removal FAQ

"But my tree is huge! How will you cut it down?"
Tree lopping is a process in which very tall trees or thick trees are cut down piece-by-piece. Our tree cutting services takes all the guesswork out of the problem, so you can rest easy. First, we perform a thorough evaluation of the tree prior to removal. Using cranes or tree-climbing harnesses, our certified arborist begins cutting the tree from the top. First the branches, then sections of trunk are carefully controlled on descent. We continue lopping the tree in sections, cutting the trunk down a piece at a time in an orderly fashion.

When all that is left is a stump and cut tree trunk, we can get rid of your unwanted stump too, Our commercial stump grinder chips the tree trunk sections and stump into fresh wood mulch. Instead of disposing of dead trees in a landfill, our eco-friendly tree grinder recycles your tree - the stump and trunk are ground into useful organic mulching material, which is recycled to help other living trees and newly-planted trees thrive.

By hiring AGRI Tree Experts, rest assured your tree and stump removal is not only a safe, 100% insured and affordable service in San Antonio, but also completely non-toxic. Removing dangerous branches or entire trees makes your property safer, adds beauty to your yard and our community, while continuing the natural circle of life..

"I have a very small yard / a small  gate.  I don't think I have room for large stump grinding equipment?"

AGRI Tree Experts have invested in different size stump grinders and offer our professional stump grinding service for ANY size yard in San Antonio & the Hill Country area.  We have several stump removal options at hand.  Agri-Tree can send our large commercial stump grinders to clear stumps from multi-acre lots in development - or use specialized small stump grinders designed to maneuver within small residential yards with small entrance gates.

Call AGRI Tree Experts, we will quickly remove stumps from your residential or commercial property in the San Antonio, Texas area FAST, even in small hard to reach areas using our stump griders - clean, easy and affordable.

"What is a stump grinder?"

A stump grinder is a machine that grinds stumps into chips with a cutter wheel with carbide blades. Hydraulic controls are used to make lateral cuts in the wood to remove the stump below ground level.  The grinder blades are very sharp and move at high speed.  Our stump grinders reduce even the hardest of hardwood stumps like oak or cherry into dust on contact!  

For safety reasons, we only allow our trained and insured Agri Tree Experts to operate this equipment.  We do not rent our stump grinders out. The amount of time required for stump grinding depends on size.  Small stumps can usually be removed in less than half an hour.  Large stump removal require more time but can generally be completed in same-day service. 

"Beautifying San Antonio One Stump At a Time"

"San Antonio arborist providing professional tree service since 1979."

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9-1-1 Tree Emergency  Has a large tree fallen on your house? Do you need emergency tree removal? Are dead trees about to collapse? Is a dangerous tree growing into your power lines?  Did rain or floods knock down heavy branches that you can't move?  Call the Agri Tree Experts: (210)826-9868.


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