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How much will it cost to professionally trim my tree? Agri-Tree Experts provide free cost estimates, as well as an online tree trimming price chart.
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"How much does it cost to have my trees professionally trimmed by AGRI Tree Experts?"
Below, we provide an in-depth price estimator for our tree trimming services, based on tree height. We also provide a cost chart of common San Antonio tree species and typical pruning costs. But first, let us explain why early tree trimming is important, and how we provide the most affordable tree trimming prices for residential and commercial tree service in San Antonio.

To maintain a beautiful yard, it is necessary to have your trees trimmed into the right shape.  Trimming and pruning trees not only keeps your trees looking nice, but a dead limb or branch can actually pose a huge danger. A dead tree branch can weigh hundreds of pounds and cause serious damage to a home, a car, and unfortunately, large tree branches can sometimes behave unpredictably and even kill a person. Periodically it is necessary to remove branches or even entire dead trees. Doing so without the right equipment & training is highly dangerous.

Tree trimming is also performed to avert other hazards, A tree is constantly growing, but as its branches grow longer, they may approach electric lines, windows, or fences.  Tree branches can arch too close to driveways or walkways, or butt out into the street, obscuring views of oncoming traffic.

You may realize you have a tree in need of trimming, but wonder what prices Agri Tree Expert's certified ISA arborist will charge to trim a tree in San Antonio.  The cost to trim a tree, or remove the entire tree (or trees) depends on a variety of factors, such as:

How many trees need to be trimmed?
Are these small, medium, or very large trees?
Is this a dangerous tree removal that puts the tree trimming crew at risk?
Do you just need a few branches removed of one tree?
Do you require an entire tree lopping?
Is the tree alive or dead?
Is the tree to be trimmed located too close to a house or power lines (where special tree trimming equipment is needed to control the branches so they do not fall on the house?

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Size Matters

One of the largest factors affecting the final cost of pruning tree branches is the size of the tree. Larger trees require us to bring special equipment to lop the larger, tall branches as well as to control them on descent. This is not a DIY project. We are sometimes called out to fix mistakes that could have easily been avoided, such as a heavy branch that fell on a home, damaging the roof and structure. The cost to repair the roof, smashed windows and porches, could have easily been avoided had the homeowners called a tree expert to professionally remove the tree branch, instead of trying to do it themselves, or hiring untrained, non-arborist laborers.

Tree Trimming Costs

Simple tree pruning costs are largely determined by tree height, in the following average price range:

25 Feet and Shorter
– Trees up to 25 feet high, such as mesquite trees, Texas persimmon, or dogwood tree pruning cost between $75 and $450.

25 Feet to 50 Feet – You can expect to pay costs in the range of $150 to $875 for professional tree trimming in this height range, such as pruning of sycamore, Chinese pistache, cedar elms and maple trees.

50 Feet and Taller – A typical cost range is $200 to $1,000 to prune a very tall tree. If you have mature pecan trees that need to be trimmed, cottonwood trees, bald cypress, oak trees and pine trees, etc,

See our tree trimming price chart by common San Antonio tree species.


Until we see your property, we can't tell you exactly what it will cost to trim your tree - but these are some rough guidelines as to what you can expect to pay. See below for a more in-depth chart detailing tree trimming costs by tree height and typical San Antonio trees who branches reach this height range when fully mature.

Please keep in mind, it is always more cost effective to trim a small tree or a young tree and direct it's growth away from homes and power lines, than to wait to lop or prune a tall tree once it reaches its maximum height.

Cost of tree trimming service. Prices for trim tree and remove tree. Affordable inexpensive tree trimming.

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Tree Trimming / Pruning Price Guide - San Antonio common trees

$75 - $450

Small Tree Trimming Cost
Up to 25 ft. tall

(Estimate) Tree trimming cost depends on factors mentioned above, such as proximity to dangerous power lines, home, or emergency tree service.

Common San Antonio tree species:

Anacho Orchid Tree pruning
Carolina Buckthorn Tree trim
Desert Willow Tree pruning
Eve's Necklace Tree trim
Lacey Oak Tree trimming
Mesquite Tree trimming
Mexican Buckeye Tree pruning
Mexican Plum Tree prune
Possumhaw Holly Tree pruning
Texas Mountain Laurel trim
Texas Persimmon Tree trim
Texas Redbud Tree pruning
Western soapberry Tree trim
Yaupon Holly Tree trimming

$150 - $875

Cost to Trim Medium Tree
25 to 50 ft. tall

(Estimate) Tree trimming cost depends on factors mentioned above, such as proximity to dangerous power lines, home, or emergency tree service.

Common San Antonio tree species:

Arizona Cypress Tree trim
Bigtooth Maple Tree pruning
Cedar Elm Tree trimming
Eastern Red Cedar Tree trim
Black Cherry Tree trimming
Live Oak Tree pruning
Mexican White Oak Tree trim
Texas Ash Tree trimming
Texas Red Oak Tree prune
Texas sabal palm pruning

$200 - $1,000

Large Tree Trimming Cost
50 ft. and taller

(Estimate) Tree trimming cost depends on factors mentioned above, such as proximity to dangerous power lines, home, or emergency tree service.

Common San Antonio tree species:

Bald Cypress Tree trim
Burr Oak Tree trimming
Cottonwood Tree prune
Chinkapin Oak Tree trim
Pecan Tree trimming
Mexican sycamore pruning
Pine Tree trimming

AGRI Tree Experts is trained in the art and science of tree care and maintenance. Experience and education are the hallmarks of an arborist. You can be sure that your trees will be carefully, safely and properly trimmed when you hire AGRI Tree Experts.

- Knowledgeable about what a tree needs to stay healthy
- Trained and equipped to properly care for trees
- Understands how to safely prune, trim and remove trees
- Stays current with topics and techniques through required continuing education
- Abides by ISA Certified Arborist Code of Ethics

"Beautifying San Antonio One Tree At a Time"

"San Antonio arborist providing professional tree service since 1979."

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